IPP 8.1 ippiMorphOpenBorder

IPP 8.1 ippiMorphOpenBorder


I'm porting from Ipp 7.0.6 to Ipp 8.1.0 a function that use ippiMorphOpenBorder_32f_C1R. Code doesn't compile with this error

error C2660: 'ippiMorphOpenBorder_32f_C1R' : function does not take 7 arguments.

I've find a difference from Ipp 8.1.0 documentation and function prototype in ippcv.h

Documentation states :

IppStatus ippiMorphOpenBorder_<mod>(const Ipp<datatype>* pSrc, int srcStep, Ipp<datatype>* pDst, int dstStep, IppiSize roiSize, IppiBorderType borderType, IppiMorphAdvState* pState);

Header function definition :

IPPAPI( IppStatus, ippiMorphOpenBorder_32f_C1R,(

                const Ipp32f* pSrc, int srcStep, Ipp32f* pDst, int dstStep,
                IppiSize roiSize, IppiBorderType borderType, Ipp32f borderValue, const IppiMorphAdvState* pMorthSpec, Ipp8u* pBuffer ))

Assuming that the header definition is right it's not clear for me which is the size of pBuffer and which function I must call to obtain this size.

Thank's in advance

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