IPP 64-bit version in Android(Atom)

IPP 64-bit version in Android(Atom)

Hi, IPP developers,

  I am working on one Moorefield project which uses IPP to optimize some CV modules. Since morrefield is a 64-bit capable platform and default image has been 64-bit version, so to make best performance we want to also work as 64-bit. But current IPP release has only 32-bit version, which is  a  problem to us? Do you have  any 64-bit version plan for IPP Android(Atom)?

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Hi Yao,

yes, we have such plans - we'll provide 64bit library for 64bit-Android in one of the next IPP releases. Currently you can try to link with IPP for Linux64 - IPP is OS-independent and Linux bits have the same elf format.

regards, Igor

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