ippiFilterBox In place functions deprecated

ippiFilterBox In place functions deprecated

Version 8.1 removed the deprecation warnings for most of the in place functions. I am still however getting the warnings for ippiFilterBox. Are the in place functions for ippiFilterBox still slated for deprecation?



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yes, as you can see from ippi.h file the in-place functions marked as deprecated.

IPP_DEPRECATED("is deprecated. Removal 2H 2014 or later. Replace with ippiFilterBox_16s_C1R. For more details: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-ipp-71-deprecated-features/")\
IPPAPI(IppStatus, ippiFilterBox_16s_C1IR, (Ipp16s* pSrcDst, int srcDstStep,  IppiSize roiSize, IppiSize maskSize, IppiPoint anchor))

Package ID:  w_ipp_8.1.0.176


Hi Nevine,

all "old" FilterBox functionality is marked as deprecated - we recommend to use the new APIs for this functionality - FilterBoxBorder.. There is no sense for supporting "old" in-place APIs for FilterBox as they call internally malloc for temporal buffer == srcSize. We are going to deprecate all internal memory allocations. Sorry for confusing deprecation message from FilterBox in-place functions - will correct in the next IPP release.

regards, Igor

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