ippi: Grayscale 16-bit

ippi: Grayscale 16-bit

I noticed that there aren't many functions available on Image Processing that support Grayscale 16-bit.

For example, If I want to scale an image on Grayscale 16 format where bytes per pixel == 2, the function ippiResizeLinear_8u_C1R doesn't work properly, nor ippiResizeLinear_8u_C3R.

So to use Intel IPP for this purpose on this type of images, should I then convert the images to RGB? And from what I could see there is no function in IPP for doing that for me.

What would be suggested?

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there are many :)

you have to use ippiResizeLinear_16u_C1R for example

and similar colors 16u or 16s depending on your 16bit image data

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