Perturbation Filters in IPP

Perturbation Filters in IPP

I downloaded IPP and find it to be VERY interesting. Lot of functions, lots of domain! Awesome stuff. I am specifically looking for high performing implementation of a custom excitation algorithm with different loop idioms as below.

1.   a[j] = a[j] + k*(a[j+1] - a[j-1])

2.  a[j] = a[j-1] + k*(a[j] - a[j-1])

Unfortunately, the dependency in the loop is painful. Could any experts from IPP tell me if there any existing functions in IPP that I could use for optimizing my loop ? We are considering moving to Intel compiler, but that would take some time as well..

Regards - momo


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hi Momo,

there is no such function in IPP, but it's very similar to IIR (each next point depends on a number of previous), so you can try the similar approach we use for IIRs: it's described at

regards, Igor


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