Linking IPP 7.0.1 libraries

Linking IPP 7.0.1 libraries

 I am creating a MP4 video with MPEG4 muxer and H264 Encoder using IPP UMC samples version I need help in linking the IPP libraries in my executable. My IDE is Visual Studio 2012 on Win 7 OS.

Static Linking:
I need to build my solution in both debug and release builds which involve different versions of the C run time library. Intel libs are built against the release version of C run time and so there is RunTimeLibrary mismatch when I build my project in debug mode.

Dynamic Linking:
I am trying to create a dll with exported functions from IPP using the Intel IPP custom build tool. I am facing linker errors when I run the batch file. I am attaching the build tool scripts, export.def file and the linker errors on executing the script.



Downloadapplication/zip IPP_Errors.zip34.85 KB
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Hi Roshan 

Is the issue the same one in (IPS) 6000057954?  

IPP 7.0.1 is a bit older version,  I will try to build the environment and see what is the problem.  

Best Regards,


Hi Roshan,

Regarding "static linking" issue, there's a message thread possible covering it.

Regarding unresolved references in "dynamic linking" issue, looks like "ippvc" video coding library is absent if link command file. Please, check.


where can I download the sample code for  JPEGview. thank you


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