Function for matrix multiplication of complex values

Function for matrix multiplication of complex values

I'm fairly new to IPP and I have what seems like a silly question. Does IPP provide a function for multiplying two matrices of complex values (32fc format)? A colleague and I scoured the Small Matrices and Realistic Rendering and Signal Processing reference manuals yesterday and could not find it. Is this operation not supported (in a single function call) in IPP? If not, what about MKL?

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Hello Matthew, 

Yes, MKL should support the complex type matrix multiply, (real, 32fc and double 64fc float type). and also have good optimization for small matrix. 

like cgemm() and zgemm(). You can find fortran sample or C sample in MKL install directory/example/blas  and cblas

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Thanks for the reply. I guess MKL is better suited to my problem space than IPP.

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