Decode Mpeg2 Intra-Slice

Decode Mpeg2 Intra-Slice


I try to develop mpeg 2 decoder with Intel IPP.

I want to decode Intra-Slice(P-Frame only) mpeg2 stream with it.

I use UMC::MPEG2VideoDecoder(Intel IPP Sample ver for it.

But, if i try to decode, UMC::MPEG2VideoDecoder always return VM_NOT_ENOUGH_DATA.

So, I have question, Is it possible to decode Intral-Slice mpeg2 frame with it ?

If it posslibe, how can I decode it ?

Please advice to me.

Thank you.

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Have you got the chance to check Intel MKL SDK product?  Because Intel IPP UMC example is the legacy code, and there is no active development now.    


Hello, Chao Y.

Thak you for your reply.

Intel MKL SDK is Intel Media SDK ?

I try same things with Intel Media SDK 2014 R2 for Client.

But result is same.

I could'nt decode Intra-Slice Mpeg2 stream with Intel Media Sdk.

I make mistake in setting or same thing ?

Or is it impossible to decode Intra-Slice Mpeg2 stream with Media Sdk ?

Please let me know.

Thank you.




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