IPP Huffman encoding/decoding functions deprecated, substituation?

IPP Huffman encoding/decoding functions deprecated, substituation?

I'am wondering why all the Huffman encoding/decoding functions are deprecated. What functions should I use instead, or will Huffman encoding/decoding no longer be supported in future releases of IPP?

Regards Torsten

Spelling mistake in topic, correct is substitution.



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Thanks for your feedback. We are checking for a few details on this. Have you used these function in your project?  and which kind of application is using these function? 


Hi Chao,

I'am evaluating the Parallel Studio and I've now checked out the IPPI huffman function to decode Images e.g. JPEGs with great success. Huffman decoding is very fast! I'am using funtions like





and related functions for an ImageViewer. I'am about to purchase the Parallel Studio, but there are so many functions deprecated, I'am in doubt, what will happen in future with the IPP Image processing library...

Regards Torsten




We are also using these functions. And all functions used in ipp optimized version of libjpeg 6b.

Now i wanted to evaluate using IPP Huffman Encoding/Decoding functions in different area of our software and i noticed that the functions are all deprecated.

Why are you deprecating these functions? Are you going to replace them with better ones?

My company is an existing IPP customer.


Jacek Tomaka

Same question from me, I used IPPJ domain functions in an image viewer.

Hello. We are in the same boat.
Our software uses IPP Jpeg functions for Huffman coding, colour conversion, sampling, quantization, DCT.
We can not upgrade to Ipp v9 or highter until we have replacements for the removed functiionality.
Even with replacements, it will take time to develop and test the solution.

Jpeg compression functions (see above) is hard for a developer to create on it's own.
We were very happy to have those in IPP since it saved a lot of development time replacing the IPL Jpeg functions.
It takes long development time, a lot of testing against the standard and the product. The standard is not easy to follow.
Please consider doing a poll or the like before removing functionality that is hard for a developers to create on their own.

Dear all,

There were feedback survey in webpage for a while and it should still open for collection.

in https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/the-alternatives-for-intel-ipp-legacy-domains-and-functions


Anyway, in order to make the transition easy, IPP 9.0 will provide one legacy libraries which include the ippJP, ippvc, ippsc etc functionality.  I will update you if it is ready in registration center.

Best Regards,


Hello Ying.

thank you, I missed the feed back option, and will get on to it.

I will check the legacy options on IPP 9.0.


After checking "Appendix C: Removed Functions for Image and Video Processing" at:


And the feedback for deprecated functions at:



Some functions that are listed as not deprecated on the feedback page are listed as removed on the removed functions page.

For example the following functions belonging to ippj.h:



















The feedback page seems to relate to Ipp 7, maybe that is why.


The feedback page does not display correctly on firefox (v 40.0), the field to enter a function name with auto complete is not showing. Microsoft explorer (v 9) does show the field as well due to security.


Edit: Fixed links.

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