Use IPP static library in Windows Kernel Mode

Use IPP static library in Windows Kernel Mode

How to use IPP  static library in Windows Kernel Mode ?

and where  can  I download  a sample of driver develop?

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Hi Gongyi L,

What kind of function from IPP you want to use in kernel model? 

You may refer to the sample and user guide in

to build your program.

Best Regards,

Ying H.

Intel IPP Consulting


such as      ippStaticInit(),ippiResizeYUV422_8u_C2R;    

 What  kind of   ipp-linkage-models can use in window kernel model?


below is my code :     ( error LINK2019: unresolved external symbol  _ippStaticInit()……)

#include <ntddk.h>
#include "ipp.h"

#pragma comment( lib, "ippcoremt" )

typedef struct _DEVICE_EXTENSION {

#define SymLinkName L"\\DosDevices\\Global\\DebugDemo"

#pragma code_seg("INIT")
NTSTATUS CreateDevice (
        IN PDRIVER_OBJECT    pDriverObject) 
    NTSTATUS status;
    UNICODE_STRING symLinkName;
    status = IoCreateDevice( pDriverObject,
                        0, TRUE,
                        &pDevObj );

    if (!NT_SUCCESS(status))
        return status;



Hi Gongyi,

I send your private message and include one driver developer sample.  You may refer to it.

Best Regards,


If I am not mistaken, ippStaticInit() function is deprecated and removed in newer IPP versions. You should call ippInit() instead.

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