Project migration from IPP 8.x to IPP 9.0 -- need help on replacing removed functionality

Project migration from IPP 8.x to IPP 9.0 -- need help on replacing removed functionality

Starting with IPP 9.0, Intel has completely removed all JPEG-related functions including Huffman and color space conversions. Color space conversions I can handle on my own, but I am not in the mood to implement multi-threaded JPEG and Huffman parts from scratch. I had a working solution with UIC and IPP 8.x, now I have a broken build.

Sure, I can choose between staying on 8.x and miss on all performance improvements for new CPUs and all bugfixes / new features and upgrading to 9.0 while losing the most important part of my image viewer application -- (fast) JPEG decoding.

I would really appreciate some guidance from the Intel IPP product manager who decided to axe IPPJ domain on how to replace the missing functionality which was provided with it in previous IPP versions, preferrably in the shortest possible time span with minimal effort.

My requirements are quite simple -- multi-threaded JPEG decoding from memory stream. How to accomplish this using IPP 9.0?

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HI, Igor,

Thanks for your report.  We will check for a few the detail on this, and will give you some feedback.


It's been a couple of months now. Have you got any feedback yet?

No, just as I expected.

Igor, Harry, 

Thanks for checking this. We are preparing for the legacy libraries, which containing the deprecated JPEG functions. It is expected it will ready in a few weeks, and I will provide an update when the package is ready.  



Hi Chao,

thank you for your answer. I hope this package is soon ready because I am programming an application of JPEG-LS using Intel IPP 9.0, therefore I need those libraries, specially ippj.h (which is not included in IPP 9.0 version). I tried to download an older version of the IPP library but I couldn't.

Please, reply this post as soon as this new package is available to continue programming.

Best regards,


Hi all,

The legacy libraries are now available to download.  Please check the article here on how to get the libraries:


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