median filter issue using ipp 2017 and ipp7

median filter issue using ipp 2017 and ipp7

Hi All,

I have been using Ipp7 -median filter with SetBorderMirror and my filtered image was bit matching with matlab medfilt2 (symmetric padding).

Now I am switching  to IPP2017 my observation is weird.

Ipp7 -median filter for 8U image -with SetBorderMirror  is different from Ipp2017 -median filter (api is in legacy) for same SetBorderMirror.

But Ipp7 -median filter for 8U image -with SetBorderReplicate is bit exact with IPP2017 median filter with SetBorderMirror. Also, both of them is matching with matlab medfilt2 ( zero padding).

Plz suggest what is the reason behind this any major change in enum list.


Sumit jha


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How big difference is it between IPP 7 and IPP 2017 when parameter is SetBorderMirror? For floating point numbers, there could be slightly different results for different memory alignment. Please take a look at here for more information. Thanks!


Could you provide you test code, and submit an issue into our support page:

We can have further check on this problem? 


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