about zlib intel enhanced

about zlib intel enhanced


please two questions:

1) the code linked inside IPPS comes from https://github.com/jtkukunas/zlib? If yes, can I compile directly this repo to obtain the same performances of IPPS?

2) eventually do you have a small example how to use the DeflateLZ77Fastest function from IPPS?

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Hi Roberto,

1) No, IPP Zlib functions have different code. The Zlib developer's version from the Git, you provided, is different self-sufficient version which doesn't require anything more.

2) There are no such examples, because IPP Zlib-related functions designed to be used inside Zlib. Their arguments come from Zlib internal stream structure.

To build Zlib with IPP you need to deploy original Zlib (version from to 1.2.11), apply corresponding patch file from IPP package and build updated source code with IPP.


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