Ipp functions undefined only in release configuration

Ipp functions undefined only in release configuration

I am using Visual Studio 2017 with Intel compiler 2017 rev 4 and Using IPP 8.2

When i compile the debug configuration everything compiles fine but when i change to release configuration i get many errors on Ipp functions being undefined (attached is the output of the compilation).

I tried to find a difference between the debug vs. release configuration but could not find one.

In visual studio when i go to the definition of the undefined function it takes me to the correct Ipp header file (which tells me the path is known).

Any idea what parameter could cause such an error?

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If you get error like "identifier 'xxx' is undefined", it means you are missing IPP function definition that linker will complain the error. When you change the configuration, please note you have to make sure you linked with IPP libraries correctly. Please refer to the article "Compiling & linking IPP with VS"

Another point is although you use "-D _DEBUG", your log file still print "------ Build started: Project: alg, Configuration: Release x64 ------". Please remember to change solution configuration in configure manager that allow project build & run with debug module. And also check with configuration setting in solution properties page that you are using correct setting for debug module.

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