IPP FFT application on AMD

IPP FFT application on AMD


I am working on an application that uses the FFT of IPP.

It needs to run on Intel as well as on AMD processors.

I am not asking for an optimized performance. I am simply interested whether my "ready to deploy" application will run on either systems.

I browsed the forum a little, but could not find a suitable answer.

Thank you in advance

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I'm using IPP in a project, and I also require AMD support. Since I see sufficient performance in my application using CPU level "SSE2", I primarily use that when initializing IPP. There is no current CPU that does not support SSE2 as far as I know.

I have compiled a custom interface to a small foot-print IPP, I only have 12MB DLL size, still using many functions and multi threading.


Intel IPP library supports Intel and compatible architectures. IPP function doesn't differentiate CPUs by vendor - Intel or non-Intel. It differentiates them by supported instruction sets, such as AVX512, AVX2, SSE4.2, etc. 

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