Incorrect min/max size IPPIMinMax and IPPsMinMax

Incorrect min/max size IPPIMinMax and IPPsMinMax

I have observation with respect to computing min and max value of image pixels using IPPiMin/Max fucntion.i am getting in correct result.

i have also tried with ippsMinMax16u. the function is working well with small array size i.e. (4000*12380) Ipp16u. but for bigger size like

(4000*387644) Ipp16u array, function is not working giving zero as value.

i am running with IPP version (2017 update 2)

kindly suggest me the solution i will be thank full to you.

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I did not see any problem with ippsMin/Max & ippiMin/Max. Please note, ippsMin do not support for 16u, only 16s; 16u is for ippiMin/Max. And the range for 16s is [-32768, -32767], you have to make sure the value must be within this range and print as integer. If you still have problem, please submit your issue to Intel Online Service Center and paste your testing code. Thanks.

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