Feature request: add ippsNorm_L2Sqr_64f

Feature request: add ippsNorm_L2Sqr_64f

Currently the available options for floats/doubles are:

- ippsNorm_L2_64f which than has to be squared - loss of precision and less performant than just doing L2Sqr from the start

- ippsDotProd_64f with the same vector given as pSrc1 and pSrc2 - that works but I guess a more efficient implementation might be possible given the knowledge that the same vector is being inner-producted with itself.

It would be great to instead have a precise and as-efficient-as-possible ippsNorm_L2Sqr_64f.



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Thanks for your information. We will evaluate this.


Intel IPP provides standard DSP operation, what you requested are for none standard operation. Could you provide the performance and accuracy impact of your suggested operation? Thanks!

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