sharing buffers for forward and inverse DCT

sharing buffers for forward and inverse DCT


From the documentation, it is not clear weather ippsDCTFwdInit_32f and ippsDCTInvInit_32f can share the same memory space.

For a given length, ippsDCTFwdGetSize_32f and ippsDCTInvGetSize_32f do return the same sizes, and allocating the Ipp8u buffers once for both forward and inverse transform seems to work.

However, I assume there is a reason for which both pairs of functions exist.

Any clue?

thanks, piem

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Hi piem,

The functions ippsDCTFwdGetSize_32f and ippsDCTInvGetSize_32f can return different sizes theoretically. If you would like to share work buffers between the ippsDCTFwdInit_32f and ippsDCTInvInit_32f functions, you should call the both GetSize functions and choose the maximal returned size of work buffers.



Hi Valentin,

Perfect, thank you for the clarification.

Best, piem

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