No dlls found in the waterfall model

No dlls found in the waterfall model


OS: Windows server R2

SDK: Visual studio 2017

IPP version: 7.0

Mode: Debug

Processor: XEON E5 2650 V2

Problem statement: When launching the application in Debug mode, I am seeing "No DLLs were found in the waterfall procedure" (Error at loading of ippIP library) error message on my screen. (NOTE: The same problem is not seen when the application is launched in 'Release' mode). I understand that IPP 7.0 is a very old version and we should rather upgrade the older IPP to latest IPP 2018. I would like to know, why loading DLL is not problematic in Release mode, but problematic in Debug mode? How to resolve the same?

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Please refer to

Build options are different in Debug mode and Release mode. Please upgrade to 2018 to check the issue solves or not.

Hi Jing,

After upgrading to 2018, I am now getting "No DLLs were found in the waterfall procedure" (Error at loading of ippSP library). Earlier, I got it for ippIP library.

sp dispatcher: ipps.dll
machine's architecture code : e9
processor-specific library: ippse9.dll (this library is present)

Apart from this, ippsg9.dll, ippsl9.dll, ippsh9.dll, ippsk0.dll,ippsm7.dll are also present.

Before upgrading, with IPP7.0, ippSP dispatcher was loading the right processor-specific dll [ippse9-7.0]. But after upgrade to 2018, ippSP fails to identify processor-specific library despite it being present.

Could you add the following code snippet in the head of your code to check detailed version information of IPP that you are using?

const IppLibraryVersion* lib; 
    lib = ippsGetLibVersion(); 

printf("major = %d\n",lib->major);
printf("minor = %d\n",lib->minor);
printf("majorBuild = %d\n",lib->majorBuild);
printf("build = %d\n",lib->build);
printf("targetCpu = %c%c%c%c\n",lib->targetCpu[0],lib->targetCpu[1],lib->targetCpu[2],lib->targetCpu[3]);
printf("Name = %s\n", lib->Name);
printf("Version = %s\n", lib->Version);
printf("BuildDate = %s\n", lib->BuildDate);

Hello venkatramani, divakar

could you also provide folders/files structure: where application is located, where IPP libraries are located.


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