ComposerXE-2011 Installer

ComposerXE-2011 Installer

Warm Regards! I am from Texas Instruments and we are using IPP v7.0 32 bit library for signal processing which we have obtained from ComposerXE-2011 from Intel.

Can someone please pass the download link of ComposerXE-2011 installer? Basically, all we are looking for is the 64 bit IPP v7.0 version of the library.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, Karthik, 

If you have license for the old version,  it can be downloaded from Intel registration center:
After you login in, you can select the old version of IPP package. 

Also, IPP 7.0 pretty old, and not support any more.  Is it possible to move it the new versions of IPP release? 
New optimization for new processors are provided in the new IPP releases. 




Hi Chao,

Thank you for the response. We will plan to use the latest library.

Karthik M R

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