ippiConv_32f_C1R not have same type

ippiConv_32f_C1R not have same type

hello, When I use the ippiConv_32f_C1R of the ippi version 2018.2.185 I get a problem.....

 IppEnum funCfgFull = (IppEnum)(ippAlgAuto | ippiROIFull | ippiNormNone);

 check_sts( status = ippiConv_32f_C1R(pSrc1, srcStep1, src1Size, pSrc2, srcStep2, src2Size, pDst, dstStep, funCfgFull, pBuffer) )

when I use ippiROIFull  or ippiROIValid....it works correct....but when I use ippiROISame , it crash....I want to know if the ippiConv_32f_C1R not support "Same"....Because in my algorithm , I need this.....Although I can use Full and get the result and chang it to Same, But its not very convinent.....Thanks..very much...

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Hi Shiyuan, 

For the code crash, can you submit one test code at the support website to Intel IPP product? 

Our support expert may have further check for the code. 


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