Intel DZ68BC and i5 2500k overclocking

Intel DZ68BC and i5 2500k overclocking

A few days ago i got a Intel DZ68BC with a i5 2500k and was really excited about overclocking that i5. I installed themoboand cpu, with no problem, got it booted up right away. I've been looking through the bios and cant figure out how to overclock with this board. The bios is very confusing compared to the asus boards im used to
Can someone tell me the settings which would give me the highest clocks that would be fine with a Corsais H40 cooler.

Thanks in advance

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This is wrong forum for your question.
Read the motherboard manual and/or try to find the answer on overclocking forums

Probably Intel motherboard designersprefer much more the stability of their products to overclocking in general.

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