AVX in HD 3000

AVX in HD 3000

I am getting some tremendous performance out of the cores(with AVX)and the HD 3000 on the i5-2500k. I can understand why the cores with AVX are producing the performance , but can not explain why the HD 3000 is so quick.

Do the 12 Execution Units on the HD 3000 use an AVX-like structure to achieve their performance? I am comparing the Execution Unit(EU)s to Nvidia's Streaming Multiprocessor design with each EU containing a 256bit register set(or longer)to achieve this large computing throughput.

Where could I find out more about the architecture of these EU?

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You can find documentation about the graphics cores on the Intel Linux Graphics Documentation page. Intel HD Graphics 3000 (code-named "Sandy Bridge") is a little bit further down on the page.

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