IDF 2011avx

IDF 2011avx

hello, all.
I attended IDF 2011 last year, and got the slice about how to use avx , but my pdf is corrupted now.
and I cannot find the same slide from internet ,anybody who has one ,please send me one .Thanks in advance .

my email is

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It is hard to identify which pdf you are looking for because there are so many lectures, white papers,and examples available. Most of them are listed in the Intel AVX community. Have you checked if the document isprovided there?

Quoting zhangxiuxia...but my pdf is corrupted now...

What is a name of the corruptedPdf-file? If you give the name it will be easier to find the document.

It's "how to optimize your software for Intel advanced vector extensions ."
bronxzv has sended me one several days ago . Thanks all the same.

If you found could you attach the document, please? I searched on the web and I couldn't find it.

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Here is the one I sent to zhangxiuxia: BJ11_ARCS005_100_ENG.pdf

Thank you.

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