SSE4 is there a BigInt LIbrary?

SSE4 is there a BigInt LIbrary?

i5 2410M processor I suppose can NOT use AVX
but can use SSE4.2

Is there a BigInt Library for SSE?
I Guess I am looking for something that implements unsigned integer

PMULUDQ (with 128-Bit operands)
PMULUDQ __m128i _mm_mul_epu32 ( __m128i a, __m128i b)

and does the carries.

Its a Laptop so I cant buy an NVIDIA GTX 550, which isnt so grand on unsigned Ints, I hear.

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Intel Core i5 2410M is based on 2nd generation of Intel Core Microarchitecture (according to our marketing that is :), also known as Sandy Bridge) and it does support AVX -

However with arbitrary precision arithmetic your best shot is still a general purpose instruction set - to find implementations check crypto libraries, or e.g. crypto component of OpenSSL.


I suspected much of what Max said here.
The advantage of a future extended AVX instruction set would be realized only if you have vectorizable code.

Just use GMP and let the experts worry about performance for you.

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