Enabling and Disabling AVX in Visual Studio 2010

Enabling and Disabling AVX in Visual Studio 2010

Hai, Please provide answers for these following issues.

1)Please help me in finding some option to enable and disable AVX in visual studio 2010. I hope the command line option /arch:AVX is the one used for enabling AVX. Is there any option to disable it? Does it mean that If we dont use this command line option , it is automatically disabled?

2)Is it mandatory that we need to have Windows 7 SP1 to work with AVX. Will this not work with windows 7?

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In our experience, AVX code will not run on Win7 without the SP1 upgrade.
You can run applications built without AVX either before or after SP1. As far as your non-AVX application is concerned, the ability to handle AVX won't have a direct impact.


Thankyou very much for the quick reply. Could you please give me more inputs on the compiler options to set AVX in visual stuio 2010 env? I mean the answer to the first question. Thanks

I don't believe there's any way to disable or require AVX, other than by the /arch compilation option (and equivalent options in 3rd party compilers, including Intel's).

Is there any option to work with SSE4.2 on a sandy bridge platform using visual studio? I have win-7 SP1.
SSE ,SSE2.0 is enabled only for x86 platforms. For x64 platforms these are not enabled in visual studio. Is there any way to incorporate SSE4.2 for x64 in visual studio environment?


Intel compilers offer the option to generate code for SSE4.2 platform under Win7. Other compilers may not. Sandy Bridge runs all these versions of SSE perfectly well.
As far as I know, an SSE2 compatible platform is required to run Win7, as well as to run current Intel compilers, and there is no current Visual Studio compatible compiler to generate SSE without SSE2 support.
For X64, all Windows compilers generate SSE2 code as the default; Windows X64 always required an SSE2 capable platform (minimum requirement SSE3 for Intel hardware supporting X64). Of course, these include SSE.
It's difficult to guess what you are driving at.

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