probable bug in Intel documentation?

probable bug in Intel documentation?

Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures
Software Developers Manual
Volume 3A:
System Programming Guide, Part 1
Order Number: 253668-034US
March 2010

IRET in IA-32e Mode

Because interrupt stack-frame pushes are always eight bytes in IA-32e mode, an
IRET must pop eight byte items off the stack. This is accomplished by preceding the
IRET with a 64-bit operand-size prefix. The size of the pop is determined by the
address size of the instruction. The SS/ESP/RSP size adjustment is determined by
the stack size.
Please look at the above manual by Intel.
I think SS/ESP/RSP is wrong, it should be SP/ESP/RSP.
Also I think the following sentence is correct:
"The size of the pop is determined by the operand size of the instruction."


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Thank you for your feedback. We'll have it fixed.

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