assembly language

assembly language

I have learned to write assembly code( compile in gnu assembler) for half a year,
I find that the books are very limited about assembly.
I read books about assembly, some materials I find in the internet. and Intel's five software devoloper reference manual.

But I find I am only can write limited assembly, I can't write code as freely as write C code .
When I want to read the gas(gnu assembler) mamual ,I find I can't understand some of them.
especially, some directives I never encoutered in my code .

The people around me don't use assembly , I find it impossible to talk about it and sometimes a small probem could cost me lots of time.So I want someone to light up a direction for me

Can anyone give me some advices ?
Any words is appreciated.

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The "sse intrinsics" were introduced as a replacement for in-line asm, designed to overcome 32- vs. 64-bit and Windows vs. linux vs. Mac portability problems. Even, to a limited extent, there is automatic instruction set switching in accordance with compile options. Thus, they have been more widely used and documented, at least for simd programming.

Thank you for your quick reply.
I have programed with "sse intrinsics" one year ago, and I find it is much easier than assemlby.
But my tutor asks me to use completely assembly ,even inline assembly is not allowed .
So I must persist on my assembly before my task is complete.

You may use the -S option of your compiler, with various levels of optimization, to make gnu assembler source code. gnu compatible compilers will accept .s files as part of your build, and forward them to the assembler.

It's a good idea, gcc -S is really a good choice.

You can go ahead with qasm


Controls the interpretation of and subsequent generation of code for an asm statement.

for more information read

XL C/C++ V8.0 for AIX


Thanks very much for your advice.
qasm give me more control of which block of code I want to generation. :)

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