87C196CA vs 87C196CB

87C196CA vs 87C196CB

Ok this doesn't seem to be the correct forum for this kind of question but the Intel support directed me here. If anybody know where I should turn, please let me know.

I got an Intel 87C196CAmcu which runs just fine. Now I have to transfer the code to an Intel 87C196CB mcu but I can't get it to work. Both mcu uses external flash and ram with a fixed 8-bit system and runs the code from the flash (no internal code).

I got some questions about the differencies in mcu layout and memory mapping that I need some help with.

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Yes, I'm sorry I don't know why you were directed here. Information about MCU's can be found at the Intel Embedded Design Center: http://edc.intel.com

You can also post questions in the Intel Embedded Community forum at http://embedded.communities.intel.com/community/en

We don't have the capability to move your post from here to there, unfortunately.

Thanks for your patience.

Aubrey W.
Intel Software Network Support

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