Instructions Retired Equation

Instructions Retired Equation


For my experiments I am trying to formulate an equation which gives the Instructions retired in a given Interval.

Like, the frequency utilization in a second f can be described as.

f= IR*CPIexe + Bus_Trans_Mem*Penalty*Miss rate + I/O Stalls+ ROB Stalls+Branch Misprediction Stalls + other stalls.

Can anybody explain if the above formulation is correct?

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Since you have an out-of-order engine, a stall can be hidden by other instructions. You can therefore expectin the best casean educated guess for such an equation. The Cycle Accounting Analysis on Intel Core2 Processorsdevelops such an equation. The Performance Analysis Guide for Intel CoreTM i7 Processor and Intel()R Xeon processor 5500 seriesprovides very detailed insights, but doesn't go down the path to develop a full equation. You might also be interested in checking out the new Platform Monitoring Community.

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