load/store intrinsics in MMX technology(__m64)

load/store intrinsics in MMX technology(__m64)

have been checking for the MMX technology load/ store intrinsic in the intel mannuals. i dont seem to see any, how is loading and /or store of arrays done in MMX Tech. of type __m64?

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Check MOVQ instruction. you can use it to read or write 64bit.


In C/C++, a normal assignment will do. However, I must admit that I don't see why you would like to use MMX these days.

I read the manual and thanks a lot. i however could not see the equivalent intrinsic for MOVQ in __m64 data type.

There is no intrinsic as the compiler will generate movq automatically for you when loading from memory.

If you would like to combine shorter types, there are _mm_set_pi32, _mm_set_pi16, and so on.

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