avx on corei7

avx on corei7

Hi,I have SSE4.2 program running on corei7 using intel 64 (C++ compiler) version 10.1.025 with TBB. Development environment is Microsoft visual studio 2008.I want to convert my current SSE4.2 programs into AVX and test. I tried to followdifferentthreads but not clear.I have two questions:1. Is it possible for me to test AVX with my current setting?If yes, what I should do2. If not what tools should I install.Thanks for your help.-Ravi

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Hi Ravi,
Here are the answers.
1. You need MS Visual Studio 10 or Intel Compiler 11.1 to generate AVX code. I will go with Intel Compiler. the switch in both compiler is arch:AVX. You need to include immintrin.h file. If your SSE4.2 code is written in assembly then you need to manually convert it to AVX. Compiler will not do that.

2. You can download SDE tool from http://software.intel.com/en-us/avx/. Just extract it and it gets installed. it is a command line tool. Add the tool to the path and run it as:
sde --

it will emulate AVX environemnt on your core i-7 machine. it wont tell your performance but you can do functional debugging with this.

Thanks. WhichMS Visual Studio 10? Professional edition?

anyedition will work.

Great. Thanks. I will try it now.

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