Larrabee docs

Larrabee docs


I am looking for technical information about the Larrabee many cores processor.

We think that a many cores architecture like Larrabee (or whatever the current name is) would be a great benefit for our application. We are running several hundred independend threads, so the application should scale very well with the number of cores available.

I didn't find much information on the website, maybe the details require an NDA?



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Hi, I think the Larrabee project was stopped. Some information can be found here:

The latest abotu Many cores, are recently from Computex. See Intel's press realease here:

They are talking about 50+ cores here, so its possible that its based on the earlier work on Larrabee. I do not know this for a fact though.

More info on this will probably come from Intel soon.


There are quite a few materials on the current LRBni instructions. The strength of the architecture comes out where the combination of many-core and SIMD instructions is useful.

According to a video stream I just saw from NDC 2010 (Norwegian Developer Conference) The "Knights Corner" is indeed based on Larrabee.


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