Where to Find Intel MMX SIMD Examples

Where to Find Intel MMX SIMD Examples

Is there a place where I can find a collection of SIMD instruction examples?

If there is one, I would like to know and I would like to contribute some of mine too.

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There are many articles written if you search on Intel website for different code snippets (mostly performance specific). if you are looking for the usage of simd instructions, msdn.com has good examples with each SIMD intrinsic. It is not very detailed but atleast it provides you an idea. You can definitely post your examples on Blogs and these forums.

If you are looking for a specific example, let me know I may be able to help you.


I did a search and I did not really find any basic ones on this site.

I have a couple of tutorials I am going to submit over the next couple of days.

Most examples thatI know are hidden in presentations or white papers. Here are a few references:

Have fun


Thanks a lot Thomas. The first link "examples with SEE 4.1" seems to be the best one so far for starters.

I noticed that there were not a lot of examples and there are many students out there that are probably searching Google for examples with no luck.

I am currently working on a tutorial with more basic examples for different computational scenarios.

Once, I have the tutorials completed, I will post them here.

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