Where can I find comparison between SSE3 and SSE4 instruction set??

Where can I find comparison between SSE3 and SSE4 instruction set??

Hi all,

I want to compare SSE3 instruction set of Intel's core 2 duo processor(orPresscot processor)and SSE4 instruction set of Intel's Penryn processor. I was able to find the details individually but I couldn't find the comparison between them( also I dont know to compare it). It would be great If anyone could provide the comparison or a place to find such comparisons. I have a short period(less than 24 hours) to do this, So I believe thatI will get the response from you asap.


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Best follow up the preceding article http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums//topic/59326
Each new instruction set includes the previous one and adds a few. It's relatively unusual for applications to use SSE4 instructions, as most of the advantages of the Penryn CPUs are available to SSE3 code.

Thanks tim. But I already saw this manual. Its very complicated. I want some comaparison in an abstract level(not going into deep). Are there any sites to find out this?

If you're looking at some of the web search results for "Penryn new instructions," e.g. http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20070417-intel-details-penryn-performance-sse4.html

I don't know how it can be made simpler, except by pointing out (as I already did) that Penryn CPUs are most often used to run the earlier instruction sets.

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