Cache Line Question

Cache Line Question

Ivy Bridge has a cache line with length 64 bytes. Suppose I have 4 array on 4 different memory addresses, when I load the first 128bit in each array to 4 SSE registers respectively, then I have loaded 4 cache lines? How many cache lines available?    

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>>How many cache lines available?

For example, for Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3840QM:

L1: 256KB -> ( 32KB per core for data & 32KB per core for instructions ) x 4 cores

L2: 1024KB -> ( shared for data & instructions 256KB per core ) x 4 cores

L3: 8192KB ( 8MB ) -> ( shared for data & instructions & between all cores / 8 logical )

Sizes of these cache lines are different and it depends on a CPU. Please take a look at datasheets at:

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