GFlops difference between T2500 and i7-3612QM

GFlops difference between T2500 and i7-3612QM

Hi Intel experts,

    From Intel document, Intel T2500 can achieve 6GFLOPS, so each core have 6/2 = 3GFLOPS ability. And Intel i7-3612QM can achieve 67.2GFLOPS, so each core have 67.2/4 =  16.8GFLOPS.

    The two CPU has the same frequency, that is 2.0GHz.

    Could you please help me to understand the difference between single core performance on T2500 (3GFlops) and i7-3612QM (16.8GFlops)? I can understand there is 2x difference between AVX (256-bit SIMD) and SSE (128-bit SIMD).

    If there is anything wrong with what I said, please point out directly. Thank you.

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