SDE failure trying to look at "chrome"

SDE failure trying to look at "chrome"


    I tried the latest version of SDE, running in Ubuntu 12.04 with kernel.  I get the following response:

>sde -- google-chrome

Failed to move to new PID namespace: Operation not permitted

Any ideas as to how I can run chrome with sde.  I was successful in running firefox btw.  Thanks for any help.. 


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Yes, I get this too using the 64b version of chome on ubuntu 12.10. I am checking w/ the pin team to see what they say. Long ago we had a problem with some unsupported-by-pin idioms in the clone system call that chrome used. Possibly this is related.

The problem that you see is due to a Linux sandbox mechanism. More information about it is available in There is an option to run chrome without sandboxing by adding --no-sandbox in the chrome command line.


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