Intel® Software Development Emulator release 7.30

Intel® Software Development Emulator release 7.30

On September 20th 2015, we released version 7.30 of the Intel® Software Development Emulator. It is available here:

See the release notes for a full list of changes. The changes in this release are:

  • Added support to Win10 desktop applications.
  • Added support to Linux systems with kernel version 4 or later.
  • Added improvements to the MIX instruction histogram tool.
  • Added improvements to the chip-check analysis tool.
  • Fixed small issues with TSX statistics.
  • Improved the way image name can be specified to the SDE controller.
  • Updated the MSVS debugger install kit to support VS2015.
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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

At a high level: Intel releases Intel® SDE so that developers can gain familiarity with our upcoming instruction set extensions. Intel SDE can help ensure software is ready to take advantage of the opportunities created by these new instructions in our processors. We hope that developers will explore the new instructions using the currently available compilers and assemblers. 



Those examples are a little before my time. :-) But I'm guessing they are a little different. Intel SDE is for running user-level applications with new instructions on top of an existing operating system. Intel SDE does not run the operating system. Intel SDE simulates the additional register state needed so the underlying operating system need not be changed/ported to support context switching the new state. Intel SDE comes with  runtime overhead, but many have used it successfully for various things. 

Nice, thanks for the information, i think in update my windows to win10, maybe is time

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