how to request a Xeon Phi development kit

how to request a Xeon Phi development kit


I work for a public software company, we sell enterprise software and are an intel partner and 

I want to evaluate the posibility of porting our software to take advantage of the xeon phi.

Is there a program for Intel partners to get access/order a xeon phi board for developement purposes?

Who is the right person to contact in this case?

Please suggest.

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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

At this time early access to the Intel Xeon Phi program is restricted to select partners assisting Intel with system and software beta and checkout programs. It is unfortunate, but demand for early access far outstrips our ability to provide early parts and systems to all interested partners.

General availability announcements will be coming soon, however! Stay tuned in November for further announcements.


I see that the Nvidia Tesla K20 card (with 2500 cores) is also hard to come by. But that's because they're shipping pre-orders like mad, 20,000 cards to the Oak Ridge National Lab alone I believe. I have a Kepler 104 card to work with. My friends are selling their Intel shares. Bob Dylan said "It doesn't take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows". There's an army of developers waiting to get their hands on a Xeon Phi and what are you doing? Ray Kurzweiler points out that technology is accelerating at an exponential rate. What if Apple switches their computers to ARM-based systems? I don't mean to market share alone but to manufacturers using other Intel processors? Oracle, who currently uses Intel is developing a new processor with Fujitsu. Remember Research In Motion? Well, a road crew just painted a line over them. Move it! ($20 says this post is gone in less than a week)

We've been told there is public information about Intel(c) Xeon Phi(tm) availability, although I didn't see it on the web. OEMs should begin shipping the 2 production versions of Knight's Corner card on Jan. 28 2013. Before that time, the specific Sandy Bridge server platforms intended for this purpose should be available. Intel account representatives should have more details.

describes one of those models.

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