Minimal requirements

Minimal requirements



I would like to be able to program for MIC using MKL, TBB and C++.

As I have a renewable MKL license and I can buy the C++ compiler separately, my question is if it would be sufficient to only buy the new c++ compiler and renew MKL (and use the TBB free distribution) for my needs.

Thank you in advance,


PS: I understand that Parallel C++ XE would be a much better environment, but right now I am looking for a bare bones solution..

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Hi Mamales,

If you just buy the new C++ compiler only, you need to make sure that C++ compiler version still support with the MKL and TBB versions you have if you plan to use them.

Intel C++ includes a current MKL and TBB.

Hi TimP,
Do you mean the Composer XE 2013 ?
Thank you for the help,

PS:Loc-Nguyen thank you for the help

Tim Prince is correct. Intel Composer XE 2013 includes Intel(r) MKL, Intel(r) TBB, Intel(r) IPP, OpenMP* as well as Intel(r) Cilk Plus. It is all included.

Thank you David.
However this is still a considerable sum of money and since I have a renewable mkl and tbb from the free distribution, I would only need the compiler.
Was hoping that there would be an option to work this through by just buying the compiler and renewing mkl.
So I guess my questions were really the following - apologies for possibly not having being clear:
a) would this work ? i.e. a renewed mkl, a free tbb and a new c++ compiler?
b) -from what seems to be, increasingly, the case- can I buy the C++ compiler as a stand-alone ?
I guess only a) would be relevant for this forum..
Thank you for your help ,

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