MPSS Gold Update 1 issue with Intel® MIC Debugger

MPSS Gold Update 1 issue with Intel® MIC Debugger

Product: Intel® Composer XE for Linux*, Versions 13.0 Initial Release (2013.0.079) and Update 1 (2013.1.117).

Debugger Version: Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture Debugger (Intel® MIC Debugger) Version 13.0, Initial Release and Update 1

MPSS Version: MPSS Gold Update 1 (2.1.4982-15)

Problem: The MPSS Gold Update 1 contains an error that prevents the MIC debugger from functioning.  When the idbserver_mic is launched on the MIC card it reports the following:

   $ ./idbserver_mic
   Intel(R) Debugger Remote Server, Build [79.944.23]
   This version is configured for k1om on Linux
   Copyright (C) 2006-2013 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved

Problem Solution: The hotfix provided here has a work-around to allow the MIC debugger to function with MPSS Gold Update 1.  To apply the hotfix, you need to replace <instdir>/intel/ on your host system by the extracted idbserver_mic file attached to this thread.  The replacement needs to be done by the user who installed the Intel Composer XE package; the replacement file needs to have the rights rwxr-xr-x of that user.

Please note: The Intel MIC Debugger is a licensed product.  The debugger, including the binary posted here, requires that your system has an active license to Intel Compilers and/or Intel Studio XE products.  This debugger binary will not function without a valid and up-to-date license on your system.  If you do not have a license to Intel compilers, please contact your Intel Application Engineer or post a license request in a separate thread to this forum"

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