Using Phi in a virtualized host

Using Phi in a virtualized host

Has anyone explored if it's even possible to have a Phi on a virtualized host?  I would guess 'no' but thought I'd ask.  I would guess that the MPSS drivers are not set up for virtualization and sharing across VMs. 


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Actually, there is a note in the file that comes with the MPSS that says "In a virtual environment, a reboot by micflash will only reboot the virtual machine. Users are advised to power cycle the host." I haven't asked the developers but it sort of implies that they have at least tried it.

I not understand  where you want operate with adding VH
If you want plug the other external computers that are  on different CLASS
and communicate with same card or is to an other task, Mpi etc ...?

You can compile  source at this link for create dummy MAC
Without the bridge added you could create the fictive card with his MAC address
It's not same the  simple VH eth0:0 (locked to same machine) but the nail it's  
he could be never dissociated side (promisc) (in multiple)
He will work rather same the switch that commutated  with range of CLASS...
Probably you must maybe also add dummy Mac on the card or use an class B. 172.31.X.X

Without this card in my hands it's difficult to help you more precise with network ,you have 100 ways
different to make for the same result.

This type card Phi seem use
CLASS C - first card
CLASS C - second card
etc .. 8 CLASS C maximum
each micX have his C CLASS.

I suppose .. if you add new files, mic1.conf , mic2.conf etc .... aligned on the new dummy Mac
Maybe it's possible that when you use pragma with compiler mic1,mic2 etc.. he call automatically
on the dummy class 172.31.2. , 172.31.3. etc ... that you have create.
remember that require also  (side SSH -m etc...), address class dummy added on /etc/hosts, alias side bind, and all other
procedure required described on the file install)

Warning !!! if you have the administrator network more top, you could receive his shoe launched....
if you have made (Salvation Army) on his network with adding dummy CLASS without it consulting.


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