userdel bug?

userdel bug?


In MPSS 1-2.1.4982-15-rhel-6.3,I added 2 users named "hpc" and "hpc2" using micctrl as:

/usr/sbin/micctrl --useradd=hpc mic0
/usr/sbin/micctrl --useradd=hpc2 mic0

Then I deleted only "hpc" as:

/usr/sbin/micctrl --userdel=hpc mic0

After this, I got 2 lines

mic0: User hpc removed
mic0: User hpc removed

and both "hpc" and "hpc2" are removed!

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It should not have let you add the user without specifying a user id (--uid=<uid>). Are there hpc and hpc2 entries in your host /etc/passwd files? Can you try adding those users to mic0 again and tell me what uid numbers were assigned to them? (The passwd file for mic0 can be found in /opt/intel/mic/filesystem/mic0/etc/passwd on the host.)  I'm just wondering if the uids matched, in which case, as far as the system was concerned, they were the same user.

thank for you share

Thanks for reply. I'll try and check again.

It looks like this bug is still around and is potentially affecting us. We actually see it with --useradd. We have some local user accounts in the host passwd file that are appened with _l , but most real user accounts are in LDAP. Since there doesn't appear to be a way for the MIC cards to use LDAP directly yet I'm adding them in an init script. The problem is that if a user has a _l account already imported from the hosts passwd file the useradd does work.

For example:

micctrl --useradd=test_l --uid=600 --gid=600 mic0

micctrl --useradd=test --uid=601 --gid=601 mic0
mic0: User test already in passwd file /opt/intel/mic/filesystem/mic0/etc/passwd

It looks kind of like a regex isn't getting anchored at the end which is causing usersnames with the same prefix to fail.

Is this bug ever going to get fixed? We just upgraded to MPSS 3.1.2 and the useradd and userdel options still don't properly select users with similar usernames. mrobbert_l and mrobbert are treated as essentially the same user to those options. 




Hi Mike,

Please excuse the delay; I wanted to get you something definitive.

The fix is in the next 3.1 update coming very soon. And it is in the 3.2 release scheduled for late Q1.


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