An error occurs when I use micnativeloadex

An error occurs when I use micnativeloadex


  First, I use "icc -mmic" to compile a project.then ,I use "make install" to install it,there is no problem until now. But when i use micnativeloadex to run the project excutable binary file(micnativeloadex project_name) ,something wrong happens.The log is like this: 

"Unable to create remote process.
ssh to the coprocessor and run ps to verify the coi_daemon
is executing.
It may be necessary to restart the mpss service."

and i am sure that the coi_daemon is executing on the coprocessor.

However, when i use the absolute path of the project_name(micnativeloadex /../.../project_name), the project outputs the right results.

Who can tell me why? Thank you !

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I have gotten this error message, too, and is very misleading. What happens is micnativeloadex just cannot find the executable "project_name". The solution is, as you figured out, to specify the full path to the executable when you run "micnativeloadex".

It would save people some head scratching time if this error message was more accurate.

I  understand that the error message is not what you would expect to see. I will get in touch with the development teams to figure out if micnativeloadex could display a more accurate message. 

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