How can I get Phi working from Windows?

How can I get Phi working from Windows?

Just got Xeon Phi in a new Supermicro machine. Tried to download an SDK, but only found Linux MPSS.

I thought we would be abler to develop on Windows and offload to the Phi. Was I wrong? How do I get the appropriate tools?

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I am sorry but currently the Intel MPSS and the corresponding tools are only supported on certain Linux distributions. We do not yet support the Intel MPSS and other tools on Windows. The work for Windows support is under active development. 

Windows support is just entering what might be called an alpha test phase, apparently no announced availability date (mid-year?)

Could one of you please message me and let me know how my company wight be able to become beta tester? We have a number of people who could benefit from using this product and we are willing to do the work necessary to get it going.


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