Fan Speed Control on 5110 card

Fan Speed Control on 5110 card

Is there any way to set the mic to throttle its fans when it's not too hot? The ones I have are absurdly loud.

I understand that the fans are third-party items, but are there connectors on the card similar to what is typically found on a PC motherboard?

If not, what is the recommendation for adaptively supplying cooling as needed without unnecessary noise?

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The MPSS update

for which URLs were sent out yesterday (supposedly released Mar. 7) improves the noise situation for me.  Please be very careful about observing all the steps in the README as they aren't presented in a fully logical order.  Save the readme in case of loss of internet routing connectivity (which I'm experiencing now).

An undocumented power off reset of the host system is required at the end, in addition to those which are documented either in the README or on the screen. 

Warnings about InitRamFS invalid config don't appear to be a show stopper.  It seems the mic0.initramfs has been removed by the new installation.

VTune drivers will be removed, so you will need to reinstall them by the scripts in the VTune k1om directory.

Which cooling solution did you install to run the 5110 on the Pc?


It was built by a local vendor based on the SuperMicro 7047GR-TPRF, which is advertised as being a "MIC solution". If anybody knows what's the right type of fan to put in there, and how to install it, I'd appreciate any info.


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