Turbo mode and ECC mode

Turbo mode and ECC mode

micsmc allows to change the turbo mode and acc mode settings of a Xeon Phi card.

  1. I could not find a description of "Turbo" mode. What exactly is this? What are the expected benefits to performance?
  2. Switching off ECC probably boosts memory performance. What is the expected benefit? How frequent are ECC events on Xeon Phi? Is this a recommended mode of operation for Xeon Phi?


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Turbo mode would allow for increased clock speed conditional on remaining within power consumption and temperature limits, similar to what you probably have on your host CPU (but different, in that the host Turbo mode is meant to boost single thread performance).  If you try that on a standard Intel(r) Xeon Phi(tm), you'll likely get a message about non-implementation (so the selection will not take effect).

ECC off is not a recommended mode of operation, although it could give an increase in peak memory bandwidth.  You would get no warning of hardware faults which could invalidate your results.  One use for the option would be to check whether the performance effect is within ideal limits mentioned in references:


You are right about my device rejecting the activation of Turbo mode.

Regarding ECC: In my application it makes a difference of 10% performance. It is a fairly memory bandwidth intense application...


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