Using -mmic in cross compilation on RHEL5.2

Using -mmic in cross compilation on RHEL5.2

We use an x86_64 RHEL5.2 build platform. Can I build (Recompile the GPL Binaries from Source) the MPSS on this platform, then run my build using -mmic flag during compilation, and produce output that will run on other systems, such as RHEL6.3 or SLES 11 SP2? 

The MPSS doc refers only to RH 6.0 and SLES 11 SP1 and above, but I only need to be able to build on RH5.2, not run the output.

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The -mmic flag is used only when you wish to produce code which runs on the coprocessor only, not on the host (the system running RHEL or SLES) or a combination of the host and coprocessor. So, I don't think that is relevant to your root question.

If I understand right, you want to build your code on a system without a coprocessor card and with an unsupported operating system, to be run on a system containing a coprocessor card and a supported operating system. You might want to look at - Build on a machine without a Xeon Phi card? What he was looking at doing was building on a Fedora system without a card for use on a RHEL system with a card.

The binutils in the MPSS required for Linking a program requires RHEL6.0 or greater.  You will not be able to link on a RH5.2 system.

Is this the case even if I build the binutils on my RH5.2 system from the redhat source?

Builing your own binutils for Xeon Phi shoud work

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