Memory usage tool

Memory usage tool

Hi, Is there any tool I can use on the Xeon Phi to see which program is using what amount of memory. There reason for this request is that I'm seeing a constant increase of the memory usage reported by the micsmc tool, but I don't know which process is using it. Probably it is something related to the ram disk, but I don't know how to check its memory requirements. Is there any tool I can use? Best regards, Teodor Petrov

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You could try logging into the coprocessor and running top. It gives a %MEM value that can help figure out which process is consuming the memory. 

I've tried that but the top included on the mic seems to miss the option to sort by memory or anything else than the default. Is this the case?

Did you try `top -m` ? 

Its output looks like this: 

Mem total:5878668 anon:2940 map:3052 free:5534688
slab:77444 buf:0 cache:85640 dirty:0 write:0
Swap total:0 free:0
4440 169m 18692 3276 648 3272 644 132 /bin/coi_daemon --coiuser=micuser
12731 23184 640 2372 1048 2368 1044 132 sshd: root@pts/0
4433 21084 636 1188 812 1188 812 132 /sbin/sshd
12733 6940 336 744 540 740 536 132 -sh
12736 6940 336 688 536 684 532 132 top -m
4505 6940 336 672 560 668 556 132 /sbin/getty -L -l /bin/noauth 115200 /dev/console
1 6936 332 720 596 716 592 132 init

No, but it doesn't help much.

Can I see somehow, how much memory does use the ram disk?

"Can I see somehow, how much memory does use the ram disk?"

Log in to the card and run df (just as you would do to see usage of any file system on a Linux machine).


It turned out that all the memory has been allocated for file caches. Dropping them fixed the issue. Is it possible to add a feature request to improve micsmc to display this information (about file buffers and caches) ?

I have made an application, Which is written on DVD ROM consumes 80%, It is a fully animated E book, Can you rate the memory usage by Intel standard

Keeriyat P,

I believe you have the wrong support forum.

If not, can you elaborate on your issue and how the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor comes into play?


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